85% of email arrives as expected. 3.6% ending up in the “junk” or “bulk” folder and 11% not delivered at all.

Get targeted New York Executives Email Addresses and enjoy greater ROI

If you are looking for trusted B2B email data provider for getting quality business leads from New York, look no further! Get the right email data provider now! Purchase New York Business Executives Email List from Prepackaged Marketing Data, a robust database that comprises of only accurate, double-verified, high quality and targeted contacts that offer you the best ROI. We do not compile data from any unauthorised sources. We only provide genuine email lists for professionals working in New York City for marketing that can help you boost conversion rates. We guarantee you that our email lists will help you contact and connect with qualified customers

Whether you want to email the finance executives or HR professionals, or IT decision makers, we have all that you are looking for while assuring that you will receive good value for your money.

Counts: 1,057,829
Records come with 16 fields including:
Business Name, Address, City, State, Phone, Fax, Email
IT Consulting/Services
Finance/Banking/Accounting Technology
And more
Job title-specific
Chief Executives
Finance Directors
Health & Safety Directors
Human Resources Directors
Sales & Marketing Directors
Unlimited usage with periodic list management, on request!
XLS and Text

Constant Gains:

  • Immediate communication with your prospects
  • Reach maximum prospects and help them make purchase
  • Improved understanding of your prospect’s interest
  • Incredibly high Return On Investment (ROI)

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