20% of email in the United States and Canada is still not making it to the Inbox.

Texas Business Executives Email Addresses are put together after thorough research from a multitude of B2B directories

The Texas Business Executives Email List from Prepackaged Marketing Data allows every entrepreneur and marketing professional to quickly gain access to a wealth of information to kick start a successful direct marketing, mailing, or telemarketing campaign. We have collated the data from multitude of B2B directories that are thoroughly verified and cross-checked by our team of B2B professionals. From online directories, to provincial and municipal license bureau databases, these are several sources of our data combination. Further, we use editors (dedicated team of data researchers) to go through each business contact in the Texas State IT Executives Mailing Addresses Database to update any changes that have occurred to their business profile, such as change in postal address, contact names and other notable updates.

Counts: 1,075,060
Records come with 16 fields including:
Business Name, Address, City, State, Phone, Fax, Email
IT Consulting/Services
Finance/Banking/Accounting Technology
And more
Job title-specific
Chief Executives
Finance Directors
Health & Safety Directors
Human Resources Directors
Sales & Marketing Directors
Unlimited usage with periodic list management, on request!
XLS and Text

Constant Gains:

  • Round the Clock marketing with email addresses of your prospects
  • Do targeted marketing to reach only those who might want to buy/subscribe
  • Simplify your marketing with instant leads
  • Get the right appointments with your prospect residing in Texas State

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