85 percent of all brand purchases are made by women. Incredibly only 12 percent of marketing promotion are directed to them.

Reach the women on the move

Reach women executives across the globe with our extensive, accurate women lists. These lists are compiled from multiple resources that cover profession, lifestyle, buying habits and interests. Get your promotion noticed by the right women groups in the crowded marketplace.

Records come with 16 fields including:
Business Name, Address, City, State, Phone, Fax, Email
Profession based List
GeoZone based List
Industry based List
Unlimited usage with periodic list management, on request!
XLS and Text

Merits of the List:

  • Reliable way to build and strengthen business relationship with women executives
  • Quickly identify potential customers from various segments
  • Expand contracting opportunities in the right women groups
  • Acquire verifiable and credible list of women-owned businesses

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